Wrestling with html editors

Well, this isn’t the complete blog post that I was hoping for by the end of the week. After spending too long trying to sort out the best way to tweet, have people “like” me, and join various LinkedIn groups, I thought I should get down to the real business of sorting out my book. I had been working under the misapprehension that actually this last bit was going to be easy.

I have read in several places that it is a real mistake just to upload a Word file to be converted into a Kindle readable file (mobi) or something that will read just about every other format (epub). There are several issues apparently with the formating which are best addressed in HTML.

I have developed a few websites and I am quite familiar with HTML so I didn’t think this was going to be a problem. I followed a few articles that I found online – which were good, but which missed out on some of the pitfalls. Fortunately, my knowledge of HTML meant that I was able to sort out these issues relatively easily. However, the next bit – converting it into the right format – was a significantly greater issue.

So this post is just really to say that my plan is to actually do it – and make it work – and then report back on EXACTLY what I did to make it work. Hopefully this will be some time soon, because everything is ready to go. However, I would seriously warn people about going down this route. If you don’t have any knowledge of HTML, I think this could potentially be a nightmare for you. But I’ll see if I can make it easy!

And then, I will be back to the thorny issue of the buttons for sharing (which I think I’ve just about solved).