Creating your first ebook – preparing the ground

Just to reiterate some of the information from the last post, there are several stages to getting your book ready to publish. It’s not just a matter of writing it, and then uploading it. At least, not if you want to be successful (and I have yet to discover how successful I will be!). The main phases are :

  • writing a good book (obviously);
  • proof reading until you are blind – some notes on this below;
  • preparing your social networking sites, at least in a rough format so that you can add links within your book – you don’t want to be doing this later. This is covered briefly in the previous post, but there will be more on getting the most of your social networking sites later;
  • preparing all the other stuff you are going to need – photos, blurbs, book cover images – more below;
  • formatting your book so that it can be easily uploaded;
  • choosing your channels to market – Amazon, Smashwords, etc;
  • uploading your book, and correct any problems – then publish!
  • writing a marketing plan, and then implementing it.

So there is more to it than meets the eye!

I won’t insult you by talking about writing a good book. That is a foregone conclusion. But I will say a word about proof reading. I must have proof read my book in its final version about 5 times (and other people did too). But when you make changes it’s surprising how quickly small errors can creep in. And I do think that the ultimate check needs to be a printed version of the book, not proof read on screen. That sounds like a lot of sheets of paper, but most modern printers have an option to print as a booklet, so I printed 32 pages at a time as a double sided booklet (only 8 sheets of paper) then folded them and stapled them. It was quite surprising what little things I had missed.

The next post is going to be more detail on the information that you need to prepare in addition to your book.

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