The indie author’s guide to Twitter for beginners – Introduction

Why have I written this?

Some of you out there will wonder why I’ve bothered writing this. Well, it’s because when I published my first novel, I thought I knew about Twitter. I had been using it for another business for years – and I just didn’t get it. I thought it was a waste of time.

Before I launched my novel, I had just 9 (yes – NINE) followers, and so I have been on a steep learning curve. I certainly am a long way from being an expert, but I’ve found tools that work for me, and now I GET IT!

I’ve met quite a number of authors on various discussion sites who write about not getting any interest in their books – and they say that they don’t use Twitter. And it’s really for these people that I have written this.

The post is in 3 parts – from the most basic to a few tools, but I hope that the parts answer the following questions:

Click on any of the above links – and I hope you find it useful.