Review : Blood Money by Laura Rizio


Blood MoneyOverview

Nick Cerrato is a young lawyer, destined for the top in his field. He is ambitious, and is trying to emulate his mentor Joe Maglio who is renowned for his skills in the courtroom. But then Joe is found dead, and the police believe it to be suicide. This is only the beginning of a sequence of events that exposes murder, treachery and corruption which Nick has to deal with. His choices are difficult; his long desired career against his belief in justice.

Plot, Characters and Pace

Laura Rizio has written an excellent novel full of twists and turns. It is very clear that she understands the law well, and it will come as no surprise that she herself is a personal injury lawyer – although we only have to hope that she is nothing like the characters in her story!

She writes well, and the plot is fast moving. I had no idea how the story would end, and found it full of intrigue and colourful characters. I’m glad that I didn’t read the Product Description posted on Amazon first though, because it gives away far too many of the secrets in my opinion. I didn’t read it until I was writing this review and was surprised that some of the key elements of the plot were revealed – things that I hadn’t realised until I was well into the story.

But if you like fast paced thrillers based around the US legal system, you will certainly enjoy Blood Money.

Quality of the experience

Some sections of the novel have a small amount of Italian dialogue, and as I speak Italian, I recognised that there are a number of spelling mistakes. But I suspect that for the majority of readers, this won’t detract from the enjoyment of a very good novel. There were also occasional jumps within a chapter without any scene break (just a blank line would do) that left me wondering where I was from time to time. But these are only minor blips, and didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying this book.

Rating : 4.5 stars