Review: The Viper Contract by Chris Broyhill



The Viper Contract tells the story of an ex US Air  Force fighter pilot, Colin Pearce, who has been forced to take up a career as a contract pilot, ferrying businessmen and the like around. The money’s good, but it doesn’t excite him the way his former profession did.

And then something happens to change all that. He is approached by the CIA to act as an undercover agent in a daring and deadly airstrike which could have disastrous consequences reverberating around the world.

Plot, Characters and Pace

The bulk of the story is based on the time he spends undercover. The mercenary outfit that recruits him firmly believes he is onside – although one or two maybe have their doubts. But it’s a strange life. He has no idea where in the world he is, and the attitudes of the some of the women – who seem to be competing for his attention – is somewhat bemusing. But, of course, he can’t possibly ignore their advances!

The plot of this book is excellent. It moves at a great pace, and on the whole, the characters are well defined. I was puzzled by some of their behaviours from time to time, but nothing that detracted from the story. It is tense and exciting, and written by a man who understands his subject well.

There were two very small issues that just prevented me giving this book five stars. The first was that Broyhill did dwell on the detail of some of the plane’s functions. If you are an aeroplane enthusiast – you will love this. I’m not, so in a couple of places I skipped ahead. But it’s a pretty minor issue, to be honest. The other thing was the very end of the book, where I felt that two of the characters behaved in a manner which didn’t fit well with their cutthroat vicious characters. But in realty, this was the last page of the book, more or less – and overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Quality of the experience

This book was well formatted, and I don’t remember any errors – so nothing at all to intrude on the overall enjoyment of the experience.

4.5 Stars