An interview with Chris Orcutt

Chris Orcutt is the author of the critically acclaimed Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, including A REAL PIECE OF WORK (#1) and the just-released THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT (#2). A writer’s writer, Orcutt has earned a living as a writer for 20 years through journalism, scriptwriting, technical writing, speechwriting, and his fiction. In this Q&A, we ask him about his indie-published Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, his influences, and about ebooks and publishing in general. Are you an avid reader of books in these genres (mysteries and thrillers), and is that why you were inspired to write one of your own, or did you write A REAL PIECE OF WORK and THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT for other reasons? Compared to friends of mine who devour books in these genres, I have read very few mysteries and thrillers. In fact, the only detective series I have read entirely are Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock