Rachel Abbott and Mark Edwards – in conversation

Over the last eighteen months as a self-published author, I have been extremely impressed by the support that other indie authors have offered. When Only the Innocent reached number one, I think I had more congratulations from other writers than I did from friends – (who, to be fair, probably weren’t watching the charts on an hourly basis). One of these writers was Mark Edwards – himself an indie best-seller in his writing partnership with Louise Voss. We’ve kept in touch in the intervening period, and chat regularly on Twitter and via email.  When his latest title, The Magpies, hit the number one spot, I sent my congratulations which sparked off a conversation about books, writing, and our future plans. RA:      I just wanted to drop you a quick note to congratulate you on the amazing success of The Magpies. I’m really pleased for you. You’re having such a terrific run at the

Defining a winning strategy – update

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about defining a winning strategy. I laid out my ideas, and explained my thinking about pricing. I decided that today it was time for an update. (You can find the original post HERE if you haven’t read it.) Some of you eagle eyed readers may have noticed that – contrary to my last post – from 1st May the price of Only the Innocent and The Back Road both dropped to £0.99. You can check them both out by clicking the title links, but I thought I should explain what has happened. This is an intrinsic part of my strategy, and not a change of heart! I have to admit that after my last post, the temptation to drop the price of The Back Road to 99p did prove quite hard to resist, once I’d realised that only books that were