First novel – top ten tips

John Mountford has been a keen commentator on this blog for many months. Has has just published his first novel, and I asked him to share some tips about his experience with us all.  I have just Amazon-published my first novel, KILL MANDELA, two years and ten months after writing the first word. Despite the plethora of help for new authors on the web, I took my fair share of wrong turns along the way. And so I decided to give something back by adding my bit to that vast pool of self-publishing help – and where better than the blog of one of the most helpful writers in the business, Rachel Abbott. A quick disclaimer: these tips are from my personal experience, and may not perfectly match your circumstances. Nonetheless, I stand by them.

Don’t be too eager to sign on the dotted line!

In this guest post, David Menon talks about his experiences when he signed with a small publisher.  Some of you will know what it’s like as an independent author. You lose all your friends because you’re always ‘on a book’ and so they get fed up of inviting you to stuff to which you never turn up. You get so preoccupied with writing an original take on murder that you can’t make up your mind between an Indian takeaway and a pizza when you suddenly remember you haven’t eaten since breakfast last Tuesday. Then when the delivery boy arrives with your dinner you give him a whole back story of useless parents, teenage delinquency, falling in with the wrong crowd, ending up in the youth justice system and now turning it all around with a job delivering Chinese takeaways (The Indian restaurant was engaged and you couldn’t find the number

The blog is getting a whole new look for 2014

I confess that the blog has taken very much a back seat while I have been writing book number three – but I haven’t stopped thinking about it and planning for the future. I started the blog originally because I had just begun the journey as a self-published author, and I realised that it wasn’t as easy as it first sounded. It was a slow process to get my book ready for the Kindle, and then for other platforms too – and I wanted to share everything I had learned with other authors who were experiencing the same traumas. But all that has changed now. The web is full of helpful advice, and I have just finished my third book so I’m not sure I have enough to add to the help for new authors.