The blog is getting a whole new look for 2014

I confess that the blog has taken very much a back seat while I have been writing book number three – but I haven’t stopped thinking about it and planning for the future.

I started the blog originally because I had just begun the journey as a self-published author, and I realised that it wasn’t as easy as it first sounded. It was a slow process to get my book ready for the Kindle, and then for other platforms too – and I wanted to share everything I had learned with other authors who were experiencing the same traumas. But all that has changed now. The web is full of helpful advice, and I have just finished my third book so I’m not sure I have enough to add to the help for new authors.

But I do think there is lots of interesting stuff to be blogging about, and so I have been working on ideas to give the blog more to interest a whole range of readers, whilst not neglecting the writers. Here’s what I’m thinking:

NEWS: we have to have a news section, but this won’t just be news about Rachel Abbott – this will be news about anything to do with books. A classic example would be the news that Amazon are trialling drones as a delivery mechanism. That might have generated some really interesting discussion on here!

The big news today is that I have just launched a Christmas Quiz competition on Facebook aimed at book lovers. It has 16 questions, and the winner gets a Kindle Paperwhite! There are runner up prizes too, and prizes for sharing and inviting friends. Do give it a try and let me know what you think!

CONVERSATIONS: I did a couple of these last year, and they went down really well. I prefer a conversation to an interview, because most author interviews are answers to preset questions, so the interview doesn’t flow in the same way that a ‘live one’ does.  I would prefer to have conversations that might take a bit more effort, but which should give a greater insight into the author that I am talking to.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Nothing literary about this – it is absolutely about food! I’m going to be asking authors what they like to eat when they are writing, and ask them for their favourite recipes too. It would be good to share a little bit more about how they really live, and as a bit of a foodie myself, I’m looking forward to this bit!

A WRITER’S DAY: Every couple of months we will ask a different writer how their day goes, how they organise themselves, what their working space is like. Do they listen to music, or prefer silence? It would be good to hear suggestions about who you think it would be good to invite.

WRITER’S CORNER: In this section, we will have guest blogs from writers who want to share their tips with the wider writing world – they may be tips on writing or that beast that lurks behind the shoulder of all writers these days – marketing!

RECOMMENDED READS: We won’t be doing reviews, and we won’t accept copies for review. But I know a lot of people who love to read, including a very smart girl who looks after some of my marketing activities (she does the clever bits – like writing quizzes!). When she or I have read a book that we particularly love, we will talk about it here.

So – what do you think? Is there plenty there to interest you, or do yo have other ideas that you would like us to add?

The changes won’t take effect until the new year – probably some time in January – but before that I have a couple of other posts coming up that you might be interested in.

Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful Christmas!