Rachel Abbott and Mel Sherratt – in conversation

I was excited to have an opportunity to chat with Mel Sherratt this week. I’ve been following Mel’s success for the last two years, since her first book Taunting the Dead was doing so well in the UK Kindle chart. Now, though, she has even more to celebrate, as this week her new book was launched in paperback too – and she had an exciting launch party. I think you will be able to tell from the photos how much she enjoyed it! But I wanted to know how things have changed for her in the past two years. RA:      Hi Mel – It’s great to have an opportunity to chat to you on the blog – particularly as you must be snowed under at the moment since the launch of Watching Over You on the 14th January. That must have been really exciting. What format did the launch take, where was

Cover Reveal: Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott

Here it is – at last! The cover for my next novel SLEEP TIGHT. Over the next few weeks between now and launch (a date in February, yet to be announced), I will be posting snippets – the book blurb, the prologue, the first three chapters – so if you want to follow progress, follow the blog! (options on the left of the screen). If you want to be informed when the book is available to purchase, I will add you to my launch day mailing list, so just fill in the contact form below. (Note: we will never share your contact details, and you can be removed from the mailing list at any time.) I hope you like the cover! I love it, and it’s all down to the one and only Alan Carpenter, who has designed all my covers and put up with so many changes of direction


You Either Got It or You Don’t – Writing Lies

I am delighted to welcome Nikolas Baron along today to talk about some of the many lies whispered about writers! Some lies of the writing world get as much circulation as The National Enquirer tabloid. These lies whisper doubts to young ones considering a writing career. These lies haunt men and women who are considering self-publishing their manuscript. These lies hurt anyone who listens to them. What is the antidote of a lie? One must learn the truth. Avoid being deceived by the following three misleading statements heard from both friend and foe. “You either got it, or you don’t.” I chose this falsehood to address first because it is often experienced very early in a writer’s career. As early as a child can write, he begins to process the comments of parents, teachers, and peers. If what he hears is largely positive, he may feel confident in his ability

Food for thought

Biscuits – my saviours when I’m editing

I’m a self confessed foodie. I love to cook, and I love to eat. My dream holiday would be a food tour of India, because there’s nothing I like better than a good curry. And so when the time came to redesign the blog, there just HAD to be a space to talk about food! The idea is that I will invite other authors along, and they will tell us all about the type of food they like to eat while they are writing. Some writers seem to survive on toast; others use cooking as a means of relaxing whilst they think of their next plot line. My books usually have quite a few mentions of food in them too. My website is being redesigned at the moment, but there will be a link to loads of recipes that my characters have eaten during the story. There’s one on my


The Marrying of Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris

If you are looking for a book to really immerse yourself in, this novel by Eve Harris would be a great choice.  It focuses on a group of characters from an orthodox Jewish community in north London, which in itself makes for a fascinating read. The story centres around the marriage of Chani Kaufman, a young orthodox Jewish woman, to Baruch Levy, who is a total stranger to her. These two are engaging characters whose individual attitudes to the situation make the book so compelling. Both Chani and Baruch have previously rejected potential future spouses and Chani has even been rejected herself by some.  Because of Chani’s strict orthodox upbringing she has had no physical contact with a man and much of marriage remains a total mystery to her, particularly sex, which she is naturally eager to learn about.