A Day in the Life of Author – Laura Kemp

Laura Kemp is a funny person. Her tweets brighten up my day, and her books are witty and unique. I asked her along to the blog today to tell us how her day goes. And you will LOVE the puppy! Laura’s day starts… Far too early: The cat or the puppy or my husband or our son will wake me up. The cat is the easiest to deal with: I can push her off my face and she’ll get the hint. But the same can’t be said for the puppy – I need to jump up to let him out for a wee (if he hasn’t been already which is highly likely). I’m in trouble if it’s my husband because he is extraordinarily happy in the mornings – the opposite of me – so he’ll be singing and talking at me, laughing at my grumpiness and trying to decipher my

SLEEP TIGHT: if you can… you never know who’s watching.

As those of you who follow the blog will know, SLEEP TIGHT was launched on 24th February, and went straight into the  top 50 in the Amazon Kindle Chart, and is currently at number 35. It’s number 1 in both the Psychological chart and the Thriller/Crime chart too, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Those of you who have read the book will know that it deals with a difficult, but very real, subject. Without giving too much away (and nothing that isn’t already mentioned in the book blurb), in Sleep Tight, some children go missing. It’s an interesting but sad fact that over 20% of child abduction cases in the UK are by a parent, and another 20% are abducted by somebody known to them. That’s scary in itself, but perhaps not as scary as the fact that the remainder are abducted by strangers. Surprisingly in 2011/2012 there were over