** Amazon Spring Sale ** Two Rachel Abbott titles for just 99p!

I’m thrilled to report that the Amazon UK Spring Sale includes two of my books – Only the Innocent and The Back Road – both for just 99p each! Only the Innocent was a number one title on Amazon just two years ago – reaching the top spot in February 2012, it stayed there for four weeks. It has over 400 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon, and was the second highest selling self-published title of 2012. A man is dead. The killer is a woman. But what secrets lie beneath the surface – so dark that a man has to die? “A brilliant novel comes along once in awhile and this is it! The pacing, the imagery and the fine writing combine to make this an unforgettable novel.”   The Back Road was launched in February 2013, and moved quickly into the top 20, settling in the top five for the whole of


Tangling with Titles : enter a title survey to win!

Virginia King wrote the first sentence of her psychological mystery over ten years ago. She’s been a children’s author and prize-winning publisher, but she had to teach herself to write a novel by writing it … and writing it. Now it’s finished with the next book in the series well underway. It’s professionally edited with a stunning cover, ready to go – except for the title!  She shares her tangles with book titles from a marketing perspective. Then she invites you to enter her Title Survey for the chance to win her books. Anyone who knows how long I’ve been writing my novel can’t believe I’ve kept at it for so long, gone through so many drafts and versions, ditched so many characters and discovered others, burnt out editors and agents, (kept my husband), only to falter over the title in the months before publication. A title is only a