Recommended Read: Gray Retribution by Alan McDermott

The following critique of Gray Retribution was written by Kath Middleton. Kath is a writer, and is known with great affection on many forums as IGNITE. Since publishing her own first novel, Ravenfold, Kath has started to be better known by her own name, rather than her forum signature. Check her out on Gray Retribution Plot This is a multi-stranded plot and keeps the reader eager for more movement on each front. There is the exciting jungle setting with the boy soldiers who really engage the sympathy and there is the home setting of Tom’s uncle-in-law who is threatened for protection money in his new business. Each escalates and Tom’s staff who are on training manoeuvres with local soldiers are drawn into the jungle war. At home, thugs don’t merely threaten and Tom’s family is under attack again. It’s full of exciting twists and turns. If I found a fault it


Amazon special offer on SLEEP TIGHT!

I am delighted to say that as of today, Sleep Tight has been selected for an Amazon UK deal, and has the massively discounted price of just 99p (normal price £2.99).  Check it out here. For those of you who follow this blog, you will be aware that Sleep Tight is my third novel, and I am thrilled with the response of readers around the world. To those of you who have supported me with your recommendations and reviews, a huge thank you.


A Day In The Life of Author Julie Shackman

Julie Shackman trained as a journalist, but in her own words “writing romance has always been a dream of mine.” When she doesn’t have her head in a book or is drafting one, she writes verses and captions for greetings card companies. Rock my World  is her first contemporary romance novel, but book number two is already finished, and she is busy researching her third. My typical day usually starts around 7am, in a blur of cereal, school uniforms and shouts of “Are you up yet?” and “Who’s in the bathroom?” Once my Husband leaves for work (or escapes, depending on your point of view) it’s a case of herding our two sons towards the general direction of the front door for school. During all this, I’m thinking about what writing I have to do for the day, whether it’s a guest post, novel writing or a new brief for coming up