Sleep Tight – just $1.99 on Amazon US for limited period

This week, Sleep Tight, has been chosen for an Amazon promotion in the US and is being offered at $1.99 instead of the usual $4.99, and I just wanted to talk to other authors about why this is such a good thing.

STv1 mediumWe have all seen books shoot up the charts to the number one position when they go into an Amazon Daily Deal – and it’s really great to see your book flying high. But in my experience, the Daily Deals fall as fast as they rise. The good thing is that on the way down – while they are still visible – they are earning royalties on the full price rather than the offer price.

However, the month long deals seem to do really well, but only if you – as the author – make some effort! I am repeatedly hearing comments from people who say things like “It’s okay for you – your books always sell well”. There is no doubt that I have been very fortunate – but I also work at it. I tweet about it, join blogging amplifier sites like Triberr, and Tweet Teams like the ones available on the World Literary Café where we each tweet for each other. I post a couple of tweet options, and at least nine other people copy them and tweet them to their audience – people who have never heard of me! It takes a bit of work, but it pays off.

Some may wonder why I am happy to sell my books for about 40% of the full asking price, but that’s an easy one to answer. I get more readers! And those readers might buy my next book or my previous books – and what writer doesn’t want that? It’s also true to say that although sales do slow down as soon as the promotion is over, the book has been very visible for a whole month – and visibility is one of the key aspects of becoming recognised by your target audience.

“So how do you get chosen for a promotion?” I can hear you asking. I am very fortunate to have an agent, and as a result my books have become part of the Amazon White Glove programme. This means that my agent does all the negotiation with Amazon regarding promotions, and it work well.

Many independently published authors believe that agents are not worth having. I have to say, this depends so much on the agent. Mine is not just a source of inspiration, but she also mentors me during my writing, and reads my manuscript several times, helping me to knock it into shape – my books wouldn’t be the same without her, and neither would my sales.

I could write pages on the benefits of a good agent and why they are worth their weight in gold, but now is not the time. But one thing definitely to bear in mind if you are independently published is that getting into some of the Amazon promotions may only be possible via an agent, so don’t dismiss the positives.

Of course, if you are part of the Amazon Select programme you can also run a Countdown Deal. The period is limited to seven days, but it will be promoted on the Countdown website. Even so, it’s in your interests to promote it heavily too. Think of every way possible of getting your book noticed during this period and watch the difference it will make to your sales.

I’m going to be doing a lot more on marketing in the coming months, so keep checking!

But in the meantime, if you are in the US and are interested in Sleep Tight, here’s the Amazon link