Reedsy and the changing world of indie publishing

I know that many of my readers are also writers who either already self-publish or are hoping to do so in the future. So when I came across Reedsy, I asked them to write a blog post to tell us all about their site, and what they have to offer. I hope it’s useful.


When new writers decide that they want to write a book and publish it independently, many of them aren’t aware of just how much work it takes. Aside from the actual writing, there are so many other challenges that we face. How do you go about editing the book, or creating a cover, or getting it noticed once it is out there? As more and more writers choose to publish independently and the market becomes more crowded, it seems that these challenges will be greater in the future than ever before. We all need honest advice from people we can trust and help from professionals in the industry. But it’s one thing to realise that you need help and a whole other issue to go about finding it.

There’s a really interesting new company that hopes to change all that and make it easier for authors to find the people they need. Reedsy was founded in 2014 after a bunch of guys decided that indie publishing is a much better deal for authors and that there is no reason why it cannot be just as high quality as traditionally-published books. They also realised that there is a huge amount of publishing talent that is leaving traditional houses and going freelance, but that authors had no practical way to reach them.

Once an author has signed up to Reedsy, they can browse from a range of editors and designers and select who they want to work with. Reedsy is really careful about which editors and designers they let onto their site and so far they’ve only selected a few hundred freelancers out of thousands of applicants. The freelancers who are featured have collectively worked on thousands of books, so there is a lot of experience to go round.

As we all know, promoting your book in today’s complex world of social media, bloggers, reviewers can be really tricky and soon Reedsy plans to add publicists and other marketers to the site, so that authors can also hire them when they need help with this. There are also a range of other features that should be a huge practical help to writers who are not used to the process of actually producing a book.

It’s amazing how quickly indie-publishing is moving and just how much it has developed in just a few short years. But with the wonderful creative freedom to write what you like and no traditional publishing house as a barrier to publishing your own work, we still need guidance. We still need people to say, “This is what would make the book stronger”, or, “That is the most interesting part”, or, “This section is not good enough and needs more work”. It’s tough, but also extremely rewarding and hugely satisfying when the book you have created is the best it can possibly be. No-one ever said writing was easy!

To find out more click here for the Reedsy website.