Success in independent publishing

This is a hastily written blog post in response to requests for information on marketing self-published books – so I apologise in advance for any errors. I am sitting in my hotel room with my laptop balanced precariously on my knee with half an hour before I have to leave to catch a train!

The reason for the haste is that yesterday I attended an excellent event hosted by ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors), and it was reported by the equally excellent of Joanna Penn (of that my blog has advice on successful marketing for independent authors.

This is true, but since I have redesigned the blog, the details might not be so easy to find. The place to look is in Writers’ Corner – the menu option is at the top of the page.

The other thing to bear in mind is that while a fair amount of this information is still absolutely relevant, some of it is also out of date. Things move so quickly that some of the techniques (particularly those with Twitter) are no longer functions that are allowed.

So the plan is to revamp all the information and advice – starting very soon. Please feel free to use the options to follow the blog so that you will be updated when I have published new information.

Sorry, once again, for the hastily written post – but more to come soon!