Kill Me Again – Published TODAY!

Wow – I can’t believe the day has actually come! Kill Me Again is now available for sale on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

When I write a new novel – for months if feels as if I have toiled over all the little details (and loved every minute of it) tweaking the bits that I think will satisfy my readers, and it seems like forever until the finished version will see the light of day. But now suddenly it’s upon us, and it’s an exciting day for me.

This is my sixth novel (well – number 5.5 really, because Nowhere Child is actually a novella) and I so enjoyed writing it. It’s hard to say more without giving the game away, but my protagonist – Maggie Taylor – has some incredibly difficult choices to make. Not choices that I hope any of us will ever have to face.

I published the Prologue on here last week, so today I’m going to let you see the video trailer. I do hope you enjoy it.

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Released today – Rachel Abbott’s new novel, Kill Me Again. Find out more here –  Click to Tweet

The new thriller by Rachel Abbott – Kill Me Again – is published today. Find out more on Rachel’s blog Click to Tweet