Featured Reader

sept2016readersI’ve often said how much I love living on Alderney! I’ve also chatted about having a book group here – something which I enjoy enormously. This month, much to my surprise and delight, my Book Group decided to transform themselves into my Featured Readers! So, they all live on The Rock and they all had something to say about one of my books. What could I do but allow them the limelight they so richly deserve! Please note the damning evidence of chocolates and Prosecco in the foreground – I find that all our highly literary meetings go very smoothly by their inclusion!

Jacqueline: I try to save my Rachel Abbotts for my holidays. Sleep Tight is my favourite because it ends up in Alderney so I never feel far from home.

Pauline: I’ve read all of Rachel’s books, usually when the grandchildren are asleep. I pick them up as a means of relaxing!

Isabel: Stranger Child was a great read, so poignant and so wonderful when it carried on in Nowhere Child. I’m so glad that Rachel listened to readers on this one when they all but demanded to know Tasha’s story.

Anne: I agree, Stranger Child and its sequel Nowhere Child were such satisfying stories, it was wonderful to discover what happened when we were left in such suspense.

Ruth: Just like the other ladies, I’ve read all of these books. They can’t really be beaten for giving me the shivers. Of course, the Tom Douglas character is a reassuring presence and I like to think he would be close at hand if I needed him!