A Writer Writes – December 2016

In October’s post about writing, I talked about the editing process, and mentioned that I read my whole manuscript out loud when I get near to the final version. I have always done this, and highly recommend it. But it was only when I was going through my new book that I was reminded why it’s so effective. The eye skims over words, and so it helps with spotting errors, but the most important benefit, as I discovered this time, was finding repeat words. It may be that the same word or phrase is used several pages apart, but when reading out loud I find that I ‘hear’ it, much more accurately than I ‘see’ it. It’s not the wrong word, so it wouldn’t stand out normally. But if you listen to your own voice (or maybe even record yourself) your book will be all the better for it. If you’re a writer this may seem like a laborious process (it took me three days from start to finish), but don’t miss this stage out!

So now the edit is nearly done. I’ve had two major rounds of marks and comments, plus feedback from early readers, and now I’m just waiting for the last professional read through. I’ll make any changes necessary, and then it will be off to copy edit.

We now have a launch date of 21st February in mind for the Kindle version, and have agreed a cover design that we all love! I will be revealing that in the next newsletter, maybe with the prologue too.
Over the next few weeks I will be working on a launch plan, writing blog posts, helping with the video design, sending out copies for review – it’s going to be busy, but so much fun. And at the same time my mind is running riot trying to decide which book to write next. I have a list of ideas and as soon as one book is put to bed, another one emerges from the shadows.

There’s so much work involved when you’re self-published. All the decisions are yours, which pictures, what colours, what cover lines, the battle for the best title, all the lost weekends. Even when I’m exhausted I wouldn’t miss a single minute of it! I so enjoy being a writer and I never lose sight of what a privilege it is to bring my stories and characters to life. Sharing it all with my wonderful readers just adds the ingredient that ties the whole thing together – you are the sea-salt in my chocolate bar of delights!