A Writer Reads

I have read some wonderful books recently, but there are three which stand out for me.

Dead Woman WalkingDead Woman Walking – I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this excellent novel by Sharon Bolton, and as many of you know she is one of my favourite authors. It begins with a dramatic hot-air balloon ride and a view from above of a killer. With a twist that I genuinely didn’t see coming, the tension never drops until the last page. Although not published yet, Dead Woman Walking is available for pre-order. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dead-Woman-Walking-Sharon-Bolton-ebook/dp/B01KL65GTM/





Wrong PlaceWrong Place – Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Michelle Davies’ first novel, Gone Astray, I was keen to read the next story in the DC Maggie Neville series. Neville is a Family Liaison Officer, and this gives a unique spin to a police procedural. Wrong Place is the story of a woman whose husband attempts to murder her and then commit suicide. But somehow the story doesn’t add up, and Maggie Neville manages to make links between this case and other unsolved crimes, both current and much older.





The Darkest Secret

The Darkest Secret – this novel by Alex Marwood was published a year ago, and although I downloaded it immediately I didn’t get round to reading it until recently. What a story! A young child disappears from her family’s holiday home when she is three years old, and there is a media frenzy. The story alternates between the time the child – Coco – goes missing and twelve years later when her father dies. Gradually the terrible secret is revealed.