Featured Reader – Beth Moist

Thank you all so much for responding to my request for featured readers – now I have a library of you! I’m going to start off with Beth Moist from Phenix City, Alabama, USA who has some very interesting memories to share.

Beth MoistMy love for psychological thrillers comes from my childhood. My father was a police officer and he used to ride me around in his patrol car and he would take me in the back of the jail with him. It was so exciting. My father also used to take me on his adventures into ancient Native American burial grounds where we would search for old pottery, arrow or spear heads. The mystery of looking and what I might find was a great thrill for me. My big brother Tom and I would often play and explore in the woods, looking for a secret cave or hide out, pretending we were being chased or that we were chasing someone or something!

But my mother was probably my biggest inspiration. She too loved psychological thrillers and was also an avid reader. She would take us kids with her and go for drives out in the country, we would find old abandoned farm houses or barns and explore them. The thrill of exploring these abandoned places was exhilarating and a little spooky. I think I compensate these days by relying on my love for reading and what better way to lose myself than in books by my favorite author, Rachel Abbott .

I finished The Sixth Window and thoroughly enjoyed it as you can see from the picture! Thank you for feeding my psychological thriller appetite!