Pen the perfect postcard and post it to Rachel Abbott

I’ve been on a lot of book tours this year in all kinds of weather! But now it’s Summer and while I was at the Guernsey Literary Festival I found myself writing a postcard to a friend.

It’s not something I’ve done for years and I was reminded how pleasing it is to jot down a couple of paragraphs, sticking to the point and recording a moment or two in time.

So, what could be better than dashing off a fictional postcard?

In keeping with our dark theme, you’ll need to tell someone why you won’t be coming home!

It’s all part of my desire to get you writing. If you’ve never written before it can be scary but so many of you jumped aboard the First Line competition in April that I believe reading your Perfect Postcards will be just that – perfect!

I’m looking forward to reading them already – send your entries to

The winner will be announced next month and will receive a signed copy of one of my books.