Dying to Write

The shopping list to die for!

Once again I have been inundated with entries for The Perfect Postcard competition! It’s great that so many of you are putting pen to paper and letting your imagination take you to all the weird and wonderful places outlined in your two-sentence trips!

As always it was hard to choose an outright winner but I’ve opted for Barbara Lawther with this intriguing scenario:

Exhausted, chilled to my bones. Heavy bags now empty. Dreams fulfilled for another year. Sorry to say I won’t see you again – now that you don’t believe. Love, Santa

Well done Barbara – I wonder will you and all the other hopefuls write more?

To that end, this month’s challenge is to write a deadly shopping list with no more than FOUR items under your catchy title. Follow this example and ENJOY:

Example shopping list.

Pete’s surprise birthday party

  • Sausages
  • Cyanide
  • Bedroom Slippers
  • Dog biscuits.

Send your entries to newsletter@rachel-abbott.com