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A Writer Reads for August

I only have a couple of books to talk about this month, mainly because I’ve been moving house and haven’t had as much time to read as I would like. But the two I have read have been amazing!

The book club of which I am a member comprises a group of women with very different tastes in reading. Some prefer literary novels, some more commercial fiction and it does end up providing opportunities to read a wide variety of novels.

This month, the selection was commercial fiction in the form of the wonderful Marian Keyes. I thought I had read all of her books, but this one seems to have passed me by.

The second book that I thoroughly enjoyed was by Erin Kelly, who writes so well. This book has done well in the charts recently and has some amazing reviews.

These are books that I’ve enjoyed – but what about you? You can go to the blog here and add a comment to let me know what you’ve enjoyed. It will really help me to have a handy list of reading treats!


He said she said

He Said She Said – Erin Kelly

I’ve been dying to read this book and bought it on the day it was launched. It took me a while to get around to it, but I’m so glad I did. As the title suggests, it’s the story of a man and a woman, both of whom have something to hide. It’s tense, exciting, and all tied into a series of eclipses – which somehow successfully add to the sense of apprehension. You know something is coming – but you don’t know what. And I have to say, that I had absolutely not the first clue what was about to be revealed at the end of the book. Skilfully written, and worthy of its bestseller status.

And we’re hoping that Erin Kelly is going to join me for a chat for a future newsletter – so watch out for that.

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Rachel's Holiday

Rachel’s Holiday – Marian Keyes

As mentioned, I’ve been very busy this month so I turned to an old favourite of mine, Marian Keyes. I always recommend Marian to people who have lost interest in reading or are finding it difficult to get back into reading for any reason. Her books lure you in with straightforward language, sharp observations and heart-breaking life experiences. Rachel’s Holiday is no exception! Somehow, the author has managed to make what is an extremely difficult subject – spending a few weeks in a clinic as a recovering drug addict – into an amusing, but also emotional rollercoaster. The heroine, Rachel, feels too big for her life, she’s tall with size 8 feet and after a series of calamities in New York her Irish family drag her back to a Dublin version of the Betty Ford Clinic to go cold turkey with a series of hilarious and poignant stops along the way!

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