Come a Little Closer – the Prologue

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And here’s the (very short) prologue!


I don’t know myself any more. My life is unrecognisable – severed into two distinct periods: before – when I could feel the wind on my skin, watch the sky turn from blue to black, hear the birds singing in the morning, smell the earth, damp with rain; and after – the life I am in now, where I cannot tell if it is night or day and the only sound I hear is the slap, slap of bare feet on a linoleum floor.

I sit on my narrow bed, staring at the bare wall opposite, wondering how I came to be here. But I can find no answers. All I know for certain is that they are coming. They come every night.

I didn’t understand how easy it could be to lose a life. To lose myself. But now I am not me any more. I’m someone else. Someone I don’t recognise.

My name is Judith. And I killed a man.


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