For many years it was my ambition to write a book. I wasn’t particularly bothered about publishing it – I just wanted to write it. I knew that I wanted to focus on relationships that end in murder!  And I wondered if there was every an occasion when murder could be justified. Finally I found time to write, and it was a complete pleasure. The complexity of the plot, and ensuring that everything ties together was  great fun.

But then – when it’s finished – what do you do with it? I was under pressure from my various readers to get it published, but I didn’t really have much heart for chasing agents and all that went with it. I was offered a publishing deal, but it somehow didn’t feel right and I wasn’t comfortable with the company. So I did nothing.

And then I decided that as it was just sitting on my computer, I may as well publish it for the Kindle. Easy, I thought! Well – back then it wasn’t so easy (we’re talking 2011 here). But I wanted the book to be as professionally presented as possible. And not just for the Kindle – for other e-book formats as well. And whilst I was at it, what about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, web site? So decided to go all the way!

This blog originally aimed to give people a bit of an insight into the joys of publishing an e-book, together with as many tips as I could find along the way. It was created from my own experience, with the intention of making it easier for other authors to make the most of their indie publishing venture. But now it’s all too easy to find information on how to do this, and Amazon and the other companies have made it simplicity itself to publish.

So now I have turned my attention to my lovely readers and tried to consider what they would want from a blog. They don’t just want to know about me – they want to know about other writers too. They want to know about which books to read, and maybe want to have a go at writing a few bits themselves.

Because I want to get to know my readers, I have redesigned the whole site so that it looks more like a magazine – with articles about some of my other writing colleagues as well as details of events, links to interesting articles or even other writer’s newsletters.

If you have any ideas for sections of the blog that you would like to see – just let me know.

Each month, all the posts will be combined into a newsletter than can be mailed direct to your inbox. Just select the sidebar menu and complete the details. I look forward to hearing from you.