Come a Little Closer

Come a Little Closer – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ‘Night, everyone,’ Sharon shouted over her shoulder. ‘You going already, Shaz?’ she heard. She didn’t know which of her friends it was, and she didn’t respond. With her back to them all she raised her hand in the air and waved as she reached the exit. She didn’t want them to see her face – to see the guilt in her eyes and the hot flush of her cheeks. Sharon was looking forward to being married to Jez – he was the best – but somehow the pressure of it all, the finality, maybe even the predictability, had got to her, and she had persuaded her friends to meet at the club in town. Jez had gone out too, staying with his brother for the night, so there was no one to rush home to. She had expected to be dancing until dawn with her friends, but when

The Sixth Window Blog Tour

Every year around publication of my new book I am always so awed by the wonderful book blogging community for their support and this year is certainly no exception! This year, for our #SixthWindow blog tour, we wanted to try something a bit different and thought it would be fun to play a writing game of literary consequences. I have started a thriller and my blogger friends have then each written the next part challenging me to finish each (very) short story. It was a brilliant challenge and I’ve loved reading these very talented bloggers work. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I’ve liked collaborating on them. There’s six micro-thrillers in total, plus some stops at brilliant blogs to share the books that changed my life, handy writing tips and what books I am looking forward to this year.

Chapter Two reveal

The Sixth Window – Chapter Two

(Have you read the Prologue and Chapter One yet?  Click here for the Prologue.    Click here for Chapter One.)   It seemed remarkably quiet in the office for a Monday morning, and DCI Tom Douglas couldn’t help wondering what particular set of circumstances had deterred the underworld of Greater Manchester from causing the usual weekend chaos. His thoughts were interrupted as footsteps approached his office, and he struggled to hide his pleasure as he studiously pretended to focus on the spreadsheet of crime figures in front of him. The footsteps stopped, and still he didn’t look up. ‘Ta-dah!’ Tom slowly raised his eyes to the figure standing in the doorway, posed with arms spread out from her body as if taking a curtain call on stage. Tom said nothing. ‘Glad to see me back?’ Becky Robinson grinned at him expectantly. Tom was struck by how much thinner she was

Chapter One reveal

The Sixth Window – Chapter One

(Have you read The Prologue yet? Read it here first.) Eighteen Months Later The sound of a door closing upstairs should have given Natalie Gray sufficient warning that she wasn’t going to be alone for much longer, but her eyes were locked on to the computer screen and her heart was pounding. ‘Oh God,’ she whispered as she stared at the images in front of her. ‘Please tell me this is work-related.’ Her words were barely audible, but finally Ed’s cheerful whistling penetrated her consciousness as it grew ever closer and she quickly and silently closed the lid of his laptop and hurried across to the kettle, snatching it off its base and thrusting it under the cold tap, as if she had been standing by the sink all the time. She shouldn’t have been looking at Ed’s computer, but she had wanted to check the weather for the day.

The Sixth Weekend prologue reveal

The Sixth Window – Prologue

It had been a night like so many others over the past few weeks, and as the woman looked down on the narrow street below her second-floor window, still dark at this pre-dawn hour, she finally admitted that she couldn’t take any more. She raised her eyes to seek out the stars in the gaps between the buildings, but the sky was never completely black in central Manchester, the heavens polluted with endless street lights and overly bright shop windows. The incessant rumble of traffic created nothing more than background music that she had long ago learned to filter out, but sleep had eluded her once again because she never knew when the cries of the dead would pierce the silence and shatter any semblance of calm. As the first resident in the north wing of this newly converted building, she had relished the isolation and was almost resentful of


Come to the party!!

Let’s lift the curtain on this party! Come along to the launch of my latest book – THE SIXTH WINDOW – and the seventh outing for everyone’s favourite detective, DCI Tom Douglas. In an exciting new twist, I will be coming to you LIVE by video – technology permitting – so get your questions ready! **** I’m so happy to invite you to the launch of THE SIXTH WINDOW, which will be available on Amazon from 21st February. Please join me for an online party on Facebook to celebrate its release. Throughout the afternoon and early evening (GMT) there will be competitions and prizes. You will be able to display your knowledge of Hitchcock in Dial M for Murderously Good Fun; my hometown of Manchester gets its very own music scene quiz and in addition there will be a hitlist of killer songs to get us all up and dancing!