In conversation with Angela Marsons

I was recently fortunate enough to be asked to take part in a conversation with the wonderful Angela Marsons on the Liz Loves Books Blog. We had great fun sharing our experiences, and if you want to know about the ups and downs of becoming a writer – read on! Angela’s book Silent Scream took the Amazon charts by storm, as have all her following books, and she’s a lovely lady! Angie: Rachel, thank you so much for agreeing to answer some of my questions. I read your story at a particularly low point in my writing journey and found it incredibly inspirational. I know you faced rejection with your first book Only The Innocent but you managed to keep the faith and keep going. How did you do that? Was there someone in particular who consistently urged you to carry on? Rachel: To be honest, I only approached a small


Rachel Abbott and Mel Sherratt – in conversation

I was excited to have an opportunity to chat with Mel Sherratt this week. I’ve been following Mel’s success for the last two years, since her first book Taunting the Dead was doing so well in the UK Kindle chart. Now, though, she has even more to celebrate, as this week her new book was launched in paperback too – and she had an exciting launch party. I think you will be able to tell from the photos how much she enjoyed it! But I wanted to know how things have changed for her in the past two years. RA:      Hi Mel – It’s great to have an opportunity to chat to you on the blog – particularly as you must be snowed under at the moment since the launch of Watching Over You on the 14th January. That must have been really exciting. What format did the launch take, where was

Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch – in conversation: self vs traditional publishing

I’m enjoying my journey as a self-published author very much and that’s partly because one of the great things about the self-publishing community is how supportive indie authors are of each other. We often compare notes, and offer each other advice. But I don’t really know many traditionally published authors, so I was delighted to be introduced recently to Paul Finch, whose novel Stalkers has been in the Kindle top 100 for over a hundred days. We had a chat about the similarities and differences in our experiences. RA: We are both lucky enough to have been in the Kindle top twenty recently, but we became bestsellers by quite different routes I think. Would you tell me a bit about how Stalkers came to be published? PF: The idea behind Stalkers came from one of my brain-storming sessions, where I simply devote a day or two to hatching high-concept ideas and jotting

Rachel Abbott and Mark Edwards – in conversation

Over the last eighteen months as a self-published author, I have been extremely impressed by the support that other indie authors have offered. When Only the Innocent reached number one, I think I had more congratulations from other writers than I did from friends – (who, to be fair, probably weren’t watching the charts on an hourly basis). One of these writers was Mark Edwards – himself an indie best-seller in his writing partnership with Louise Voss. We’ve kept in touch in the intervening period, and chat regularly on Twitter and via email.  When his latest title, The Magpies, hit the number one spot, I sent my congratulations which sparked off a conversation about books, writing, and our future plans. RA:      I just wanted to drop you a quick note to congratulate you on the amazing success of The Magpies. I’m really pleased for you. You’re having such a terrific run at the

An interview with Chris Orcutt

Chris Orcutt is the author of the critically acclaimed Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, including A REAL PIECE OF WORK (#1) and the just-released THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT (#2). A writer’s writer, Orcutt has earned a living as a writer for 20 years through journalism, scriptwriting, technical writing, speechwriting, and his fiction. In this Q&A, we ask him about his indie-published Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, his influences, and about ebooks and publishing in general. Are you an avid reader of books in these genres (mysteries and thrillers), and is that why you were inspired to write one of your own, or did you write A REAL PIECE OF WORK and THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT for other reasons? Compared to friends of mine who devour books in these genres, I have read very few mysteries and thrillers. In fact, the only detective series I have read entirely are Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock

An interview with Alan McDermott – Author of Gray Justice

I was delighted to be able to interview Alan McDermott, author of the fast-paced thriller Gray Justice. I read Alan’s book some time ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been receiving amazing reviews, and his responses to my interview questions give a real insight into his thinking. Gray Justice is Alan’s debut novel, and tells the story of Tom Gray, an ex-soldier running a successful business until his world falls apart. His young son is killed by a joy rider and his wife, overcome with grief, takes her own life months later. When his son’s killer walks free from court, Gray decides that the current justice system needs an overhaul, and kidnaps five serial offenders. Parading them on the internet, he lets the people of Britain decide if they should live or die, and the government are powerless to stop him. Gray believes he has the perfect plan, right