Spice up your Christmas!

One of the best bits of Christmas, if not THE best bit is surely the food! What makes us feel “Christmassy” is the smell of mulled wine brewing on a stove or the joy of your first warm mince-pie of the season. Often it is the tastes and smells that remind us of past Christmases and what they have meant to us.

Food for thought

Biscuits – my saviours when I’m editing

I’m a self confessed foodie. I love to cook, and I love to eat. My dream holiday would be a food tour of India, because there’s nothing I like better than a good curry. And so when the time came to redesign the blog, there just HAD to be a space to talk about food! The idea is that I will invite other authors along, and they will tell us all about the type of food they like to eat while they are writing. Some writers seem to survive on toast; others use cooking as a means of relaxing whilst they think of their next plot line. My books usually have quite a few mentions of food in them too. My website is being redesigned at the moment, but there will be a link to loads of recipes that my characters have eaten during the story. There’s one on my