Self-publishing – A one day course by Rachel Abbott

If there is one email that I receive more often than any other, it’s one that asks, “Can you please tell me how to sell more books?” – and it’s a really difficult question to answer. Being successful as a self-published author is not easy. With over two million books on Amazon, it’s hugely difficult to get noticed, and I appreciate that I am one of the lucky ones that has – until now at least – been fortunate enough to sell a lot of books. According to the Daily Telegraph, I am the top-selling self-published author in 2014 to date on Amazon UK, which is a huge honour against some very fierce competition. But it wasn’t easy. I worked long hours, ate lots of biscuits, put on a ton of weight – all to try to get my first book noticed.


Amazon special offer on SLEEP TIGHT!

I am delighted to say that as of today, Sleep Tight has been selected for an Amazon UK deal, and has the massively discounted price of just 99p (normal price £2.99).  Check it out here. For those of you who follow this blog, you will be aware that Sleep Tight is my third novel, and I am thrilled with the response of readers around the world. To those of you who have supported me with your recommendations and reviews, a huge thank you.


A Day In The Life of Author Julie Shackman

Julie Shackman trained as a journalist, but in her own words “writing romance has always been a dream of mine.” When she doesn’t have her head in a book or is drafting one, she writes verses and captions for greetings card companies. Rock my World  is her first contemporary romance novel, but book number two is already finished, and she is busy researching her third. My typical day usually starts around 7am, in a blur of cereal, school uniforms and shouts of “Are you up yet?” and “Who’s in the bathroom?” Once my Husband leaves for work (or escapes, depending on your point of view) it’s a case of herding our two sons towards the general direction of the front door for school. During all this, I’m thinking about what writing I have to do for the day, whether it’s a guest post, novel writing or a new brief for coming up


**AMAZON BIG DEAL** Sleep Tight for just $0.99!!

I’m delighted to say that the AMAZON BIG DEAL on has featured Sleep Tight for the last ten days, and it has been a huge success. But there are only three days left!! Sleep Tight has been a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic, going into the UK charts two days before release, and staying there ever since. With 146 five star reviews in the US and 217 in the UK and an average of 4.6 stars in total, I am delighted to have had so much support from readers for this book.  Your feedback has been astonishing and delightful. It’s hard to pick a favourite review, but I love the heading Darkly Brilliant from one reviewer. I think one of my favourite review sections come from an Amazon top 50 reviewer who says: “The narrative is ingeniously created maintaining a page-turning tension that is riveting right up to the pulsating nail-biting climax. The characters


** Amazon Spring Sale ** Two Rachel Abbott titles for just 99p!

I’m thrilled to report that the Amazon UK Spring Sale includes two of my books – Only the Innocent and The Back Road – both for just 99p each! Only the Innocent was a number one title on Amazon just two years ago – reaching the top spot in February 2012, it stayed there for four weeks. It has over 400 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon, and was the second highest selling self-published title of 2012. A man is dead. The killer is a woman. But what secrets lie beneath the surface – so dark that a man has to die? “A brilliant novel comes along once in awhile and this is it! The pacing, the imagery and the fine writing combine to make this an unforgettable novel.”   The Back Road was launched in February 2013, and moved quickly into the top 20, settling in the top five for the whole of

SLEEP TIGHT: if you can… you never know who’s watching.

As those of you who follow the blog will know, SLEEP TIGHT was launched on 24th February, and went straight into the  top 50 in the Amazon Kindle Chart, and is currently at number 35. It’s number 1 in both the Psychological chart and the Thriller/Crime chart too, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Those of you who have read the book will know that it deals with a difficult, but very real, subject. Without giving too much away (and nothing that isn’t already mentioned in the book blurb), in Sleep Tight, some children go missing. It’s an interesting but sad fact that over 20% of child abduction cases in the UK are by a parent, and another 20% are abducted by somebody known to them. That’s scary in itself, but perhaps not as scary as the fact that the remainder are abducted by strangers. Surprisingly in 2011/2012 there were over


SLEEP TIGHT – a story of obsession, deception and retribution

PRESS RELEASE – SLEEP TIGHT LAUNCHED TODAY Available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon worldwide Rachel Abbott, self-published author of best-selling thrillers “Only the Innocent” and “The Back Road”, was inspired by some of her own experiences when writing her new novel, Sleep Tight, published on Monday 24th February. Sleep Tight is the story of an obsession that escalates from persistent stalking to something far more sinister – a powerful compulsion to possess. When the object of such potent emotions is slipping out of reach, tensions mount and control is lost. When Olivia Brookes disappears with her children, her car is still in the garage, and her purse on the kitchen table. The police want to issue an appeal, but for some reason every single picture of this family has been removed from albums, from phones, from computers. When asked about the subject of this novel, Abbott said, ‘Being stalked is a


Sleep Tight: do you want a sneak preview? Read the prologue!

I promised I would reveal the Prologue to Sleep Tight a week before launch – well I’m two days early, but here you go!  I hope you like it – and there are some tweets at the bottom if you’d like to share. Just click “click to tweet”. If you want to be updated when the book is launched, please fill in the contact form below. Sleep Tight Prologue The girl was smiling as she left the noisy, packed pub, and shouts of laughter were ringing in her ears as she wrestled the heavy door open, letting in an icy blast of cold air. She turned and shouted, ‘Night!’ to anybody who might be looking her way and a few arms were raised in a farewell salute, but most were otherwise occupied with pint glasses, or were gesticulating wildly to emphasise some part of the latest funny story being shared

Try our anti-Valentines Quiz – Dangerous Liaisons

If you want a bit of fun this Valentine’s day, try our quiz! Click on the graphic above to enter and discover some of the most dangerous liaisons and partners in crime from the past. “The quiz winner will get a Sleep Tight goody bag” – including a signed paperback copy of Sleep Tight (or we can send you a Kindle version if you prefer), plus a reading light, eye mask, mug with cocoa and a Do Not Disturb sign – all in their own #sleeptight bag. So give it a try – just ten questions, some easier than others, and the prize could be yours!


Come to the party! The launch of SLEEP TIGHT

The launch of my new novel – SLEEP TIGHT – is getting closer. Just two weeks away, and I can’t wait. I thought it would be great to have a party to celebrate – but as my lovely readers are spread far and wide, it has to be a virtual party this time around. That doesn’t mean we won’t have fun, though, and there are lots of terrific sleep related prizes to win throughout the day – more details will be posted on the event page as and when they arrive on our doorstep. I’ll be launching the video trailer and sharing some great party food with you – all tried and tested by me, so I’m not cheating. There are also going to be quizzes and polls – you can nominate anybody you like who you think would make a great Tom Douglas – and if your choice wins