A change of lifestyle: A year in the life of a self-published author – Part VI

You will notice that I am trying to find the loudest birthday graphics possible! This one is perhaps slightly more tasteful than most – but I can’t resist the glitter! In one of my earlier birthday posts this week, I talked about the whole work ethic, and how it was necessary for me to work twelve hours a day for months after month. None of this would have been possible without a decent support system in place. After all, we still had to eat!

What a difference an agent makes! A year in the life of a self-published author – Part V

Just a reminder to those coming to this series of posts for the first time, I am celebrating the fact that Only the Innocent was launched just one year ago, and I thought I would use the opportunity to describe the highs and lows of the last year. (And yes – the graphics are getting sillier!) In my last post, I talked about the amazing amount of hard work that it took to market Only the Innocent to the number 1 spot on Amazon UK. It was relentless, but I was like a dog with a bone. Once I had decided that I wasn’t going to settle for just a few sales a day, I had to go for it. The benefits of that success were far greater than just the financial ones and the amazing sense of achievement on the day that I got to number one. Mind you,

Work, work, work – and get fat! : A year in the life of a self-published author-Part IV

In the previous post in this series to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of Only the Innocent, I talked about the marketing plan. But it’s one thing to write a plan. It’s a whole other thing to deliver it! The one thing I learned in my previous career was that any sort of business plan is absolutely useless if it doesn’t have clearly defined objectives and a way of measuring them. They are often referred to as SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.  As with all business planning tools, there are always newer, more up to date versions and explanations, but for my purposes, SMART works just fine.

Marketing in a nutshell : A year in the life of a self-published author – Part III

This is the third in the series of blog posts to celebrate the first year anniversary of the launch of Only the Innocent, and today I’m going to talk about the Marketing Plan. Yes – I know that I’ve done several posts on this already, and you can find them here and here – but I couldn’t talk about the last twelve months without talking about the marketing plan, and even in this short time, I would change my approach to marketing. Those of you who have followed these blog posts in the past will be aware that I didn’t actually have any plan at all at the launch of my book. That was a very significant mistake, because I had taken no time at all to build a sales platform and could only rely on friends and family to buy in the initial stages. (A sales platform can be

A year in the life of a self-published author: Part II – Preparing the book for launch

In the second part of this blog series to celebrate a year since the launch of Only the Innocent, I want to talk about everything that happened between the decision to publish, and the actual launch date. I will touch on the things that I did, and more importantly the things that I should have done – the lessons that I have learned. In the world of technology, things move at a remarkable rate. When I was preparing Only the Innocent for the Kindle, the process I went through to convert my file from a Word document to a mobi file was very long-winded. I couldn’t find any really good converters, and there were plenty of warnings about bad output from Amazon’s own system, so the first thing that I had to do was spend time considering how best to format my book.

A year in the life of a self-published author: Part I – How things change!

It will be one year this week (today, to be precise) since Only the Innocent was published as an ebook on Amazon (and shortly afterwards in other ebook formats) – and what an incredible twelve months it has been. I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you my experiences over the last year – the good, the bad, and the frankly quite unpleasant (but very little of that, I’m pleased to say). I have learned a lot, and it has been one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences in my (very eventful) life. And one thing is absolutely certain – I don’t regret for one minute deciding to self-publish my first book.

The ongoing saga of the dodgy review.

Some months ago, I was moved to write a post about fake reviews. I got quite a stroppy comment from one reader who said s/he was fed up with authors telling readers about fake reviews, and we should trust people to have the common sense to be able to spot the fake reviews. Frankly, I was embarrassed that I may have caused offence, and I took the post down. And now I wish I hadn’t. In the last few weeks, there have been a endless articles, tweets and blog posts about fake reviews, and whilst I am prepared to accept that the amateur faker can usually be spotted a mile off, I think my previous reader had underestimated the seriousness of the whole sock puppet mentality out there. This is not about people’s family and friends writing one-liners ‘the best book I’ve ever read’, or their worst enemies writing ‘wish

“The epublishing sensation of 2012”

Last week the London Book Fair took place at Earls Court, and I was fortunate enough to be invited along by KDP Amazon to speak at a seminar and sign some copies of Only the Innocent on their stand. As a new author, everybody assumed that this was the first time I had visited the book fair. They were wrong. When I first visited the fair – probably at least twenty-five if not thirty years ago – people didn’t know what to make of me. And guess what – it’s 2012 and they’re still not sure what to make of me!

Indie Author Reaches Number 1 in Amazon with debut novel

Press Release Rachel Abbott, independent author and publisher of the thriller “Only the Innocent”, today reached the coveted number one position in the Amazon Kindle charts with her debut novel with a zero marketing budget.   “Only the Innocent” was launched for the Kindle and other e-readers on 18th November 2011. Author Rachel Abbott had completed her debut novel some twelve months previously and it had been sitting on a virtual shelf until Abbott decided to “have a go” at publishing for the Kindle. She had no agent, no sales platform, and no marketing budget – just the bare outlines of a website and any empty Twitter stream. Just three months and one day later, it is at number one in the Kindle charts on Amazon UK.