Recommended Read: Gray Retribution by Alan McDermott

The following critique of Gray Retribution was written by Kath Middleton. Kath is a writer, and is known with great affection on many forums as IGNITE. Since publishing her own first novel, Ravenfold, Kath has started to be better known by her own name, rather than her forum signature. Check her out on Gray Retribution Plot This is a multi-stranded plot and keeps the reader eager for more movement on each front. There is the exciting jungle setting with the boy soldiers who really engage the sympathy and there is the home setting of Tom’s uncle-in-law who is threatened for protection money in his new business. Each escalates and Tom’s staff who are on training manoeuvres with local soldiers are drawn into the jungle war. At home, thugs don’t merely threaten and Tom’s family is under attack again. It’s full of exciting twists and turns. If I found a fault it


Recommended Read: The Woman Upstairs, by Claire Messud

The Last Life by Claire Messud would definitely go into a list of one of my favourite books so I was eager to read her latest novel, The Woman Upstairs, and on the whole, I wasn’t disappointed. “The Woman Upstairs” refers to the narrator of the novel, Nora, and is a term that Nora uses to refer to a woman like her, who she believes at a certain age, approaching 40, has become invisible and is dismissed as being or having of little consequence in society. Nora is furious at this and the novel gives us a view inside the mind of “ the woman upstairs”.


The Marrying of Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris

If you are looking for a book to really immerse yourself in, this novel by Eve Harris would be a great choice.  It focuses on a group of characters from an orthodox Jewish community in north London, which in itself makes for a fascinating read. The story centres around the marriage of Chani Kaufman, a young orthodox Jewish woman, to Baruch Levy, who is a total stranger to her. These two are engaging characters whose individual attitudes to the situation make the book so compelling. Both Chani and Baruch have previously rejected potential future spouses and Chani has even been rejected herself by some.  Because of Chani’s strict orthodox upbringing she has had no physical contact with a man and much of marriage remains a total mystery to her, particularly sex, which she is naturally eager to learn about.

Faith Creation – All Lies Revealed by Christine Dougherty

Overview It’s important to say at the outset that isn’t a book about religion – which is what I thought when I saw the title. It’s actually about a young girl called Faith, and the first part of the book focuses on her early life with her twin sister Charity, flashing between the present and the past – but beautifully done. The novel starts with a remarkable opening line: “The first time my sister died, we were three years old” and builds steadily and consistently from this point, creating a sad tale of two young girls brought up in an apparently loveless home. It continues until Faith is in her early twenties. It has a mixture of styles, from heartbreakingly sad to tense and scary, and Christine Dougherty carries them all off well. In places, her writing is superb and her use of imagery excellent. Although it’s not the usual

Gray justice

Gray Justice by Alan McDermott

Overview Gray Justice is the story of a man who has lost everything, all because of the selfish actions of a joy rider. What he cannot tolerate is the fact that this joy rider seems to feel no guilt for his crimes – and, along with a vast number of similar criminals, nothing stops him from re-offending. The sentences handed out are risible, and it would appear that the government is going to do nothing to impose harsher sentences or develop strategies to reduce the number of recidivists. So Tom Gray comes up with an ingenious plan which involves the whole population of the UK, and requires some definite and positive action from the government. What he fails to realise, though, is that one of his clever strategies results in a conclusion that he had never anticipated.