5 Sites to Promote Your eBook for Free

I was recently approached by Ken Myers, who thought he might have some interesting information to share with readers of this blog and has put together a helpful list of free sites that will help to promote your book. As always, let me know what you think. The power of the Internet has provide a variety of interaction that humankind has never seen prior. Companies sell goods to consumers living in other countries en mass. Businesses can conduct in-person office meetings with staff located in another state with IP video and audio equipment. And potential authors have found a new way to put their name out there as a writer. In fact, the Internet has spawned more authors than there has ever been before. If you are looking for a free method to promote your own eBook, these five locations could help you gain some exposure. 1. Addicted to eBooks

UK Indie Authors – Tax on US royalties

If you are a non-US citizen and you have self published your books in the US, you will already be aware that there is a 30% withholding tax applied by the distributor, and if you’re selling a reasonable number of books, that could be quite a bit of money! But you CAN do something about this. I put it off for far too long, and when I eventually got around to it, I found a website with a great article by Karen Inglis – and I followed her instructions to the letter. The whole process was straightforward, and so I thought I would ask her to write a post for me to share with you. I should point out that I made the decision a few months ago to form a company for my publishing activities. That may or may not be the right way to go for you –

Authors : how to get the right reviews

Reviews – the good, the bad and the scams! I recently wrote a guest post called Indie Authors—Getting Those All-Important Reviews for Mystery Writing is Murder. Reviews are important for both readers and authors, but it is so very important that they are genuine – which is why I devoted a whole post to how to get those all important real ones and I’ve decided to bring it forward in my schedule on this blog, as it is a topic that is quite hot at the moment due to the number of scams that are sadly around. If you’ve read it on Mystery Writing is Murder this is a similar post, but with maybe a few extra angles.